Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Printing Student Grade Cards

Very soon student grades will be posted to your parent connect account.  The following instructions will guide you to view and print your child's grade card.  Internet Explorer is the preferred Internet browser.  Before you begin please turn off "pop up" blocker.  Also you will need your User ID and Password to connect.  Call School Office to obtain your User ID/Password if you don't have it. 

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go To
  3. Click on Parent Connect link from District Page
  4. Enter User ID/Password
  5. Under Reports click "Down" arrow and select "Report Grade Cards"
  6. Click on Printer Icon
  7. A window will display your student's grade card
  8. Hover over printer with mouse
  9. Click on Printer
  10. Select appropriate printer
  11. Print your students grade card
  12. Some browser will download a PDF file
  13. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed from
  14. Open that document and you can print from there

If you have problems call school office for assistance

Grade School 594-3766

Jr. High 594-8292

High School   594-2453